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Sustainable wooden toys from WoodHeroes

Only genuine European wood finds its way into our products

Discover the new world of sustainable wooden toys as a kit or pre-assembled. 

Fully functional and pollutant-free wooden toys. Precisely manufactured wooden parts result in an exciting wooden toy in just a few simple steps. So nothing stands in the way of ultimate gaming fun. 

WoodHereo’s vision

Sustainable wooden toys for children and adults

We at WoodHeroes are committed to developing sustainable and healthy wooden toys. Wooden toys that not only promote the creativity and imagination of the children but also delights the young at heart adults.

These are our top priorities:
• We source our wood from local producers and suppliers where possible
• Short delivery routes from the raw material to the finished product
•Sustainability in the entire production process
•Wooden toys & packaging are recyclable wherever possible

You need help with assembling?

Here you will find all building instructions for our wooden toys