Welcome to WoodHeroes.at!

Discover the new world of sustainable wooden toys – as construction kit or pre-assembled. Fully functional and free of toxic substances. Exactly manufactured wooden parts can be assembled in only a few steps to reveal an exciting toy which will give you and your friends hours and hours of fun.
(Open - assemble - paint - play)
Only real wood from Austrian and European forests is used for our products.

Our next markets and fairs:

Do. 11. Oktober Gösser Kirtag Leoben Hauptplatz to Göss
Fr. 12. Oktober to Mo. 15. Oktober Maxlauner Markt Niederwölz (District Murau)
Fr. 19. Oktober to Sa. 20. Oktober Lady days KIKA Graz Kärtnerstraße
Th. 25. Oktober to So. 28. Oktober SPIEL 2018 - INTERNATIONALE SPIELTAGEEssen (D)

So. 11. November Martini Markt in Bruck an der Mur