Castle-Set 5

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The individual components are:
1 x 8102 Tower 100×60 C&P   A strong corner tower with a door. Can also be used as a prison.
1 x 8112 Two Walls 180 C&P with allure and battlements.
1 x 8115 Walls with Hinge 180 C&P   These are the walls that simplify the building of the castle.
1 x 8121 House 220×140 C&P   A big house with a draw well and a throne.
1 x 8142 Gate Drawbridge 220×60 C&P with lockable gate leaves and drawbridge – easy to defend.


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This castle has a beautiful house and a tower with a door (prison?) and a gate with a drawbridge. A piece of the wall of the extension is already in place.


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